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Flowmate admixture dispenser
Flowmate admixture dispenser
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A user-friendly admixture and water dispensing system, highly accurate and cost effective
• User friendly & easy to control - on start batcher inputs all information and verifies each parameter reducing input error
• Fail safe - the instrument is opto isolated, le. Interference and spike protected, anti-tamper and all to IP65 design.
• On power up controller will 'self test'. If any safety devices are 'linked out' unit will alarm
• Audible and visible alarms continuous until batcher's intervention, (tone varies depending upon fault type)
• Emergency stop
• Pump selection
• Proprietary self priming impeller pump.
• Instant repeat batches
• Proven metered technology
• Safety devices are not discardable, neither can they be by-passed.
• Auto stop on any fault, with alarm.
• ’No flow' detection
• No rotary selection switch, all initiated via software
• Up to 8 lines
• Flow rates up to 28 litres per minute
• Positive displacement meter - most reliable and accurate to 1OOth of a litre
• Maintenance free meter
• System remains permanently full for instant batching eliminating the need for flushing out
• Repeat batch facility (repeats last batch by simply re-pressing start)
• Liquid displacement.
• No serviceable parts
• Counts batches on printer
• Optional back lit high quality and durable LCD alpha numeric display which describes the current status. Current status always on view - display stays live after'batch complete', operator knows exact amount dispensed Each individual line for different viscosities has in-flight adjustment
• Ideally suited for integration to computerised batching systems as this unit can operate at the required slower speeds
• Installation of diverter valves as an option. Discharge divert ability for dry leg / pan mixer
• Total filtration Q.S.R.M.C. require diverter keys which must be fitted in all power supplies and each admixture line set at +3°C for low temperature conditions
• Heater and froststat fitted as standard
• Pump box(s) isolated
Power supply Single phase 240/1 10 Volt - 50 Hz. 3 phase on request
Power rating Up to 750 Watts
Pump specification Up to 25L/min viscosity dependant • 6 Bar maximum working pressure • Auto resetting thermotrip
FLOWMATE conforms to current I.E.E. Regulations
For further details, or to discuss your particular requirements, contact us direct by telephone on +44 (0) 1332 834141, by email at or through our message form.